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Who is the 3rd United States Infantry, better known as “The Old Guard” (TOG)?
The Old Guard was originally established in 1784. In 1952, it was designated as the presidential escort by President Truman. In addition to being combat infantry Soldiers, TOG is primarily responsible for ceremonies, special events, and memorial affairs in the Military District of Washington.

TOG also has a platoon that is responsible for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Why are we building the monument?
The monument project is designed to honor and pay tribute to the thousands of Soldiers who have served in The Old Guard throughout its celebrated history.

Why now?
The unit was activated for contingencies involving search, rescue, and recovery operations for the disaster site at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. The brave men and women changed from normal peacetime duty to full military operations in a matter of hours. They performed exceptionally well and brought great pride to the TOG. This recognition should continue. Twice since the attacks on September 11, 2001, TOG has deployed a rifle company in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) to serve in the Horn of Africa.

How much will it cost?
The monument program is projected to cost approximately $1.2 million and will be funded entirely by donations.

How will the maintenance be funded?
Many of the donors will make smaller donations, but they are on an annual basis. These funds, combined with the sale of miniature statues and artifacts, are expected to fund the ongoing expense associated with the monument.

How can I contribute?
A pledge card is included in the direct mail piece and available online in the Donate Now section of our web site. You can also contact Mr. Larry Haynes, Executive Director of The Shenango Valley Foundation, at 724-981-5882.

Who are the key players involved?
We have just completed the development of the statue, as well as the support material to explain the concept to patriotic people such as yourself. Now that these pieces of the puzzle are in place, we are moving forward in the selection of advisory council and key founders. The concept was conceived by Colonel James Laufenburg, who was the commander of the Regiment at the time the aircraft hit the Pentagon.

How many participants do you expect to have?
Approximately 2,000 during the fund raising period. The number is expected to grow when we unveil the memorial and are able to take advantage of the PR that is generated.

Who is the sculptor?
The sculptor is B.J. Mungenast, from St. Louis, whose attention to military detail is incredible. She comes from a military family, as her husband Dave was in the Special Forces, and her son Kurt has recently joined the family business after seven years in the Marines.

How can I help?
We would appreciate your support as a donor at this time during the solicitation phase. We have a full cafeteria of options that range from small annual pledges to that of a founder.

We are all volunteers for a great cause and could use your support in any area you might choose to help. Being able to use your name as an endorsement with your friends and colleagues would be a great support, as would your actually becoming a part of the project.

Where will the monument be placed?
The site will be located on the grounds of Ft. Myer, VA, directly south of the Regimental Headquarters Building and adjacent to the parade field.

How big is the sculpture?
The statue will be cast at 1.25 life size and is mounted on a pedestal which will make the entire structure approximately nine feet tall. To gain full appreciation of experience, the artist designed the sculpture to be viewed in a full circle (360 degrees), and from a level well below the eyes of the subjects.

What are the levels of participation?
The first level of participation is that of a Patriot. You can become involved for as little as $100 per year. A founder is recognized with a minimum contribution of $50,000. Of course, we have a range of levels for whatever would best fit your individual needs.

How was TOG involved in the events of 9/11? Is it currently involved in the Global War on Terrorism?
TOG conducted missions in support of search and rescue operations at the Pentagon disaster site and transitioned to recovery operations as directed. .

TOG deployed B Company, 1st Battalion, 3d US Infantry to the Horn of Africa to conduct security missions in support of the GWOT in December 2003.

TOG currently has one rifle company, D Company, deployed to the Horn of Africa to conduct security operations in support of the GWOT.

How will this memorial be promoted?
Currently we are in what is referred to as the “quiet period,” where the committee and founders are asking for support from key people, both military and civilian. During this time we will use brochures backed up with video discs and power point presentations designed for small audiences. After that period, we will appeal to the masses and engage in large presentations, direct mail, and telephone.

Can nonmilitary people view this monument?
Yes, you may. Contact Donor Relations at 1-800-TheOldGuard or 214-551-5819.

Who is your advertising agency?
The Dillard Group in Dallas, TX 214-403-9171

What is the advantage of being a founder?
A founder represents the highest honor for this project with The Old Guard. A founder is one who is involved in the genesis and helps the infant gain strength and wisdom. Our founders are the key element to our success as we can gain access to others through their relationships with other leaders and political figures. Each founder will be recognized in all the marketing material, video, and presentations that we create. No one can consummate an undertaking such as this without the support and direction of key people (Founders) in the organization.

How can I become involved other than financially?
Do we ever have a place for you! Please contact Jay Collier at 214-551-5820, Frank Uller at 586-206-6509, or Jim Laufenburg at 703-209-3911.

Do you have a presentation available on the web?
Coming soon at a theatre near you.

Do you have a video and or power point that I might use to show to my group?
Yes, we do, and we can probably provide a speaker if needed. Please contact Jay Collier at 214-551-5820 with your preferred date(s).

Is my donation tax deductible?
While we are not tax experts, and you should always seek your own tax advise, the Internal Revenue Service has qualified The Old Guard Memorial Fund as an I.R.C. 501 (c) (3), charitable organization.

Do you have the support of the military community? The Washington, D.C., community?
The idea and campaign have been briefed to many people in the military community as well as the Washington, D.C., community. The Commander of the Military District of Washington and the Garrison Commander of Ft. Myer both fully support the project and what it represents.